What Platform or Channel Can I Choose for My Organization Digital Marketing Plan?

3 min readSep 28, 2021

So marketing managers will have confusion about which media plan they need to focus on and my answer would be most of the people who are starting their first digital marketing campaign don’t know. Based on the industry we can get some clues while starting the plan but this won’t be the final call and it may vary hugely based on your audience.

For example, if you are in the retail industry especially fashion then you may want to plan mostly on Instagram and you can miss out on some of the other platforms like Pinterest and Twitter. Based on the general assumption we can get it through an online medium or some sources we can believe only one channel will help us to achieve our objective. This won’t be possible it might be workable for some organizations and not for other organizations.

So while planning for a media budget you need to consider every possible platform where your audience presence will be. This will give a fair advantage on where we need to focus on planning in future.

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Some of the steps you need to define before selecting the channel for your advertisement or the engagements are,


Before selecting the campaign you need to finalize the goal you want to achieve in the marketing campaign. This will also help you to optimize the campaign or pause the underperforming campaign.

Split the budget equally:

In the initial stage, you need to split the budget equally across all the channels and run this as a pilot project before the actual campaign. This will help you to plan accordingly. After the analysis of each channel and based on the necessary metrics you can actually select the channel and proceed for the future campaign.

Don’t Miss out on any channels:

Even though we are not having an advertisement plan on some digital channels, try to be engaging in the organic way it will help you stand out in the long run.

Keep a threshold limit:

So, while planning for the budget keep a threshold limit to pause the campaign so that we won’t lose it on the overall budget. Based on the limit we can select the perfect medium for the future campaign.

Research your competitors:

This will help you a lot in planning the media budget, you will get a fair understanding of where your competitors are spending their money on and you can focus on the channel and analyse your audience. My call for you is do not to miss out on the channel that your competitors are active on. And analysing our competitors will help you to save a lot of time in planning and researching.

These are all some of the things you need to consider while planning your budget for digital marketing. You are open to new channels for a few months to have enough data to proceed with the selected channles.