How to Start with Google Ads

Google AdWords, currently known as Google Ads, is a method for promoting goods and services online via Google. You’ll need to connect your online account and website for this kind of advertising. This system’s registration and account creation are both free and simple, requiring just a few minutes. We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow.


Click the “Start now” button in the top right corner of the Google Ads page. Choose the email address for which you wish to register. Use this email address if you already have a Google Account.


If you already have a Google Account then enter your Google email address, password, and then click Sign in.

If you don’t already have a Google Account, or wish to sign in with a different email address, click the Create Account button at the bottom of the page and follow the steps to create and confirm your new Google Account.


In this stage, Google Ads asks you what results in you’d want to view. You pick the one that best represents you if it is that you want to accomplish more calls, visitors to your shop, or more sales/registrations on the web.

If you go to Expert Mode in Google Ads, you’ll see the following steps:

Here you may select your advertising objective in a bit more depth.
If you simply want to register your account without an advertising campaign, for now, do so in the following click → in the lower-left corner (start an account without a campaign)

If you want to start an ad campaign right immediately, you may select the kind of campaign you intend to run in the following step.
You may select from Search marketing, Smart Shopping campaigns or Display, Video,…

After inputting your Company Name and site name, follow the steps below as Google Ads instructs you.

The Google Ads Checklist

  • Billing and payments
  • Business data
  • Account access
  • Linked Account
  • Preferences
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Campaign and Adgroups Planning



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