For the one who said, “Not to Dream” Part I

There was a man with a black hair and a brown skin having a childlike smile with magnetic eyes, (yes you are right I’m describing the main character) living in the north part of Bangalore and he spent most of this childhood days in Chennai. Like everyone else, I have the pull towards Namma Bengaluru culture and I moved to Bangalore a few years back. I was working in a major advertising agency as you all imagining it was located in a big IT park located in manyata. I was not depressed like any other writers who are all working in 9 to 5 jobs (lol 9 am to 8 pm) jobs, but I didn’t get any feelings when I’m working. Like most of your relatives, parents and friends said at least try to be in your first job for one year period then move. I stayed there for one year. Now, 21st Dec 2017 my one year got completed and I have received some appreciation gift from my company. It was a year-end and we have a policy like year-end 15 days leave for all the employees and I went back to Chennai to spend some time with my parents.

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

After enjoying the Christmas and Newyear holidays I was travelling from Chennai to Bangalore in a fully closed blue rapped airconditioned volo bus. I have reserved seating in the 3rd row from last and luckily he got a window seat. After I getting inside the bus I started looking at the seat numbers and I finally found my seat which was occupied by another guy. And he was listening to some songs with his blue polished overhead headphones and he was completely left out of the world. I prompt him that “he was sitting in my seat” and he said sorry and moved slowly to his seat. I kept my bags in the above luggage carrier and I settled down in my window seat. As expected the bus started moving it was fill ¾ of the capacity and the people will board in the upcoming stops. I started looking through the glass window watching the road and thinking about my dream of becoming an entrepreneur one day and I’m remembering my childhood days asking my mom, why not dad tend to start any business (like roadside food shops as a part-time) and I was curious to know why not many people doing or creating businesses. And I was thinking that was born with some entrepreneurial skills every time I’m trying to imitate some startup heroes. Then I plugged in my noise cancellation headphone with some motivational songs and I fell little sleepy as the bus hits the highway.

Then after few hours in the journey, I felt some bumps in the bus and then suddenly I woke up to check which place I was in and I checked my phone for the exact location and the bus was away 25 km from Madiwala (where I have to get down). People are preparing themself to leave the bus. They are unloading their luggage from the luggage carrier and they are standing in the line away from their seats before they are reaching their stops. And again I had plugged my headphones and looking through the view of all the Big glass office space located outside the Bangalore city and I was imagining that one day I will also rent some big space for my company. This is not the first time I have been to Bangalore but every time I was crossing this large IT or business parks I was excited and dreaming about my own company and I don’t know why.

The bus was moving slowly in the Bangalore traffic and the people in Bangalore are busier in all day. As you all sensed I’m going to reach the destination(madiwala), I was also preparing to get down from to bus and standing in lines like everyone else. As soon as the bus reached the destination every one start stepping out from the bus and I’m carrying two bags one is a travel bag which is having a rugged army look and green in colour with 70L of space and another one is a small orange colour laptop bag, where I’m carrying my important electronic items. I was fighting with my bag to move them through the small space between the seats. While stepping out from the bus, he was witnessing that people around him were checking their mobile phones without rising their heads and moving constantly through the line and stepped out from the bus and suddenly I was surrounded by the Autorikshaw peoples and they were asking “come sir (banni sir) where you want to go?” and I said Indranagar barthira(will you come — yes i do speak some Kanada) and he said 400rs maadi after some serious few hours discussion he has reduced (kammi maadi) to 200rs and I have started my journey…

Then in the next part, we will see what has happened to me in the office and the wonderful journey.

Disclaimer: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.



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