Before Joining MBA as a Working Professional in India

Typically most of the MBA students, having work experience have experienced this in India.

College life has started with huge excitement after being working for two years. You may have dreamed of doing many things while rejoining the college with a huge expectation of learning something new and getting a wide experience while discussing with your fellow students, but it won’t happen in most case. In India people who are all studying MBA majorly, 70% of them are freshers and the remaining 20 to 25 % of them are having a work experience of 1 to 12 months. This will not help you to learn new things because you may not be get connected with your fellow mates. People will feel awkward and they are not connecting with you properly and if you are an openminded and trying to speak with your fellow mates, they will speak but the problem is they are not interested to connect with you until or unless you are talking to them regularly(hours to them).

As a working professional, you may know the value of time and how not to spend. But just look back when you are in your Undergraduate and how you have spent your time. Same will happen here until or unless you have joined the big institutions having 1:1 ratio of working professionals and freshers.

Next thing is before joining the college try looking for options other than joining as a full-time student and do not go for distant education. Try to use e-MBA degrees to get a fair investment and the return for your money.

You won’t get much exposure as you are working in live projects. Sometimes you won’t see any reasons why you have joining the College and you may get frustrated at any point of time, but believe me, hold for a year you may get something on this journey. One positive thing I need to share here is you can learn how to talk and get the work done form your juniors because in your career you have to handle this kind of situation it might be much helpful.

If you had a work experience then you will be older than other(definitely), the workload given by the college is high and you have other responsibilities besides, it will hit you hard and you may feel lonely because of the workload try to choose wisely otherwise you will suffer.

Best of luck! “A wise man will not always be wise”.



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