An unplanned trip to kotagiri (Ooty)

My friends and I are having tea in the roadside tea shop one fine evening in Bangalore. I was really frustrated with the work the whole week and we constantly discussing with my friends about our office sorrow. After our tipping point we finally decided to go on a road trip to Kotagiri it is a beautiful village that is home to many animals especially bison, elephants and other animals.

We planned for 3 days trip and we are planning to start from Chennai. We are six members two of them are in Bangalore and the remaining are from Chennai. You all know that one friend in every gang will create a new group for the trip or he will alter the group name if he knows about the plan initially. We have been constantly discussing all the trip routes and places we need to visit in kotagiri. Initially, we didn’t plan the trek then, one of our friend's friends had given information about the trek and the camping he has done in kotagiri. Then we decided to plan for a trek and a camp which will give us much more room to enjoy with our friends other than site seeing other common places.

All sleepless nights and the excitement we have carried upon till the trip date, and finally, the day has come. I could be able to sleep past midnight and my friends from Bangalore reached Chennai by morning 3 AM. It was a beautiful morning in November with the chill breeze hitting my face without any pain I feel very joyful.

Source: RailYatri Blog

Then we started our journey on the roads it was a highway and we constantly maintained the speed of our bikes(Enfields). Almost on the way, we had our lunch in a small hotel near Salem, where they provide 64 kinds of dishes for 599 Indian rupees. After our lunch, we had a rest for about an hour and then we started our journey through the clouds. The roads are very scenic any can miss their concentration in driving their vehicle. And we reached halfway point climbing the Ooty mountains and reach the coonor. Then after we are diverting it into another way where we have reached the small village called kotagiri.



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